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Quick introduction

We hate to sound pompous or start saying how good we are. In the end, it should be about you, not about us.

Our Practice is a Fellow Member Firm of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. ACCA is one of the largest and fastest growing, professional accountancy bodies in the world with more than 240,000 members worldwide and is one of two bodies in England appointed by legislation to license Registered Auditors.

We know from our experience helping small businesses and individuals for more than 20 years that as a business owner you don’t just expect your accountant to be a form-filler or a bean-counter, but you would also like your accountant to provide certain advice to you and be proactive.

We are based in North London but our clients are dispersed throughout London and other cities in England.

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"Our purpose is to assist our clients increase their wealth".

We believe that for a business to continue to exist and thrive, it must concentrate on the client and not on the profits. Profit is merely the oxygen for the body; it is not the point of life. The higher purpose of a business is to create results and wealth outside of itself, for the benefit of its customers. For a business to be successful, it must add value to its clients. Value is the excess between what the client is charged and his perception of what he receives in return for his money. If the client receives no values in exchange for his hard-earned money, he will take his business somewhere else. Value is created when the client's wants and needs are satisfied to the highest degree. That's what we love doing and it is our deeper reason for coming to work, beyond bringing in the money.

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Accountants (like other professionals) more often than not think that if they say it, it gets communicated. But, the bottom line is that professionals only communicate what the client understands. More than they know it, clients don’t get it. But clients never tell them that they were confused; who wants to look like the one fool in a hundred who didn’t understand? Not you, not me. It is that simple: if you are so smart, why can’t you speak clearly?

It is definitely harder to communicate using less words and easier using more. The art of holding back and using only the most vital elements is challenging but ultimately produces the most expressive and clearest results. There is no doubt that simplicity leads to time saving and allows us to focus on the objective. Simplicity means easy to use.

So, we make it our rule to communicate so that we cannot be misunderstood.