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"C. S. immediately took away the stress of my tax return, saving me time to focus on my work and my tax was reduced."

I was spending a lot of time completing my return and I knew I was paying too much tax because I didn’t know what exactly as a self-employed person I could be claiming.

It was very frustrating trying to research how to properly fill out my tax return and I was not confident that I was doing it correctly or claiming all that I could in expenses and costs.

Constantine Savva immediately took away the stress of completing my tax return, saving me a lot of time to focus on my work all in the knowledge that I was claiming all that I could as a self-employed sole trader and paying the correct amount of tax. Straightaway my tax bill was reduced and I was making savings that I didn’t know I was eligible to claim or apply on my tax return.

I am now much more relaxed about my accounts and I have great peace of mind.

J. McFadden, Gardening Services

"I no longer stress over the world of tax."

Wanted to become VAT registered and take away the stress and complications of year end Self-Assessment. I was feeling overwhelmed and confused.

They welcome direct and specific questions and explain it in a way I understood. I no longer have a pile of paperwork I would once put to the side and dreaded the year end date. The paperwork side of my business is now straight forward and takes very little of my time and all nicely organised. I can concentrate on my work and the things I enjoy (not the paperwork!).

I no longer stress over the world of tax. If I have a question or concern I know I can contact Demetris who will resolve it.

R. Taylor, Medical Equipment

"Mr Savva helped us focus our attention on business development."

I highly recommend it to anyone who asks me to open a business in the UK. Our cooperation is excellent with key points beyond the discretion and professionalism, the immediate response, the personalized service, and the substantiated support in every issue that concerned our cooperation.

Mr Savva helped us understand and operate without problems, focusing our attention on business development and implementing our company's activities.

P. Koukos, International Consultants

"Willing to go the extra mile!"

The advice and help means a lot less headache and you can get on with the running of your business. It makes life easy when you have someone that’s accessible and willing to go the extra mile! That alone sums it! l recommend Mr Demetri to my friends anytime

J. Michael, New Image Hairdressers

"You look after us and always have our business at your best interest."

We met you years ago and since then we’ve been extremely happy with your services, you look after us and always have our business at your best interest, also your always happy to answer any of our questions at any part of your day over the phone. Which is great as I know everyone is on emails.

D. Magri, Chilli Reds Hairdresser

"Our lives are now without worry of the HMRC."

A complete 180 degree turnaround where we are now, ‘on top’ of the tax returns and payments.

We felt ‘taken in hand’ and looked after. Demetris is a very sensible, kind individual. Our lives are without worry of the HMRC finding something amiss with our tax returns, or not receiving them. Everything is promptly done by Constantine Savva; Demetris explains clearly what is needed and is supportive.

J. Connelly, C & G Restorations

"Saves time & effort."

Always had To Visit my old accountant, To sign forms. It Always Took Time Away From Work. Now I Can Do Most Paperwork Via E-mail After work. When i could Email From Home, Sign forms without taking time off work. Ease of Website saves time & Effort.

A. Long, Property Maintenance Services

"Total peace of mind as I know how thorough and knowledgeable they are."

I initially employed the services of Constantine Savva in 2005, at which time I was looking to start a Recruitment Agency. Although I had funds, it was imperative I received either investment or a loan of some description. D. Savva of Constantine Savva wrote my business plan which qualified me for a government guaranteed loan, which I understand are very rarely granted.

I have since used CS services to full capacity, not only for everyday accounts, quarterly financial reports, annual audited accounts, financial guidance but weekly payroll and weekly customers invoices. I have total peace of mind as I know how thorough and knowledgeable they are. Demetris has personally assisted me and created formulae for the Agency Working regulations which has put my company ahead of our competitors. I have no hesitation recommending Constantine Savva as my company would not be here today without their help, assistance and continuous support.

P. Balcombe, Red Personnel

"I don't waste any time or energy thinking about accounts and tax returns."

Impatient, confused and frustrated I would most likely leave calculating a tax return to the last minute and no doubt make a number of mistakes. Minimisation of errors, access to expert advice, correct and timely tax payments.

I meet Demetris twice a year to deliver my paperwork then again to finalise and agree the accounts/tax return otherwise I don't waste any time or energy thinking about accounts and tax returns. I have already recommended to several friends/colleagues

A. Thornton, Medical Services.

"Your services are economically competitive."

our high quality services exceed our expectations whilst remaining economically competitive

K. Halkias, MM Publications

"Peace of mind, has helped to reduce our tax liability."

I was lucky enough to find Constantine Savva Accountants following some internet research. Following a conversation with Demetris, I decided to transfer accountants and this was over 10 years ago. I have been a satisfied client ever since.

Demetris's knowledge on tax matters is vast and he is experienced. His personal service is excellent. He is willing to go the extra mile for clients and is also timely and efficient. Peace of mind knowing that a reliable, reputable professional accountancy firm works with us. I feel like a valued client of Constantine Savva, not just another number making up their client base.

I was a sole trader for many years and paid a higher level of tax until Demetris eventually convinced me to turn the company into a limited company which amongst other advantages, has helped to reduce our tax liability.

R. Hussain, Greenfields Solicitors

"The advice I received was thorough and straightforward to follow.

Transferring to an alternative practice it was relatively straightforward, the transition was smooth without any complications. The advice I received was thorough and straightforward to follow. The decision was easy for me to make.

A. Ladopouli, Property Investor

"Less stress."

Tn the past I felt frustrated, documents were misplaced and felt that my accounts were not properly attended to. I can now always rely my accounts being filed correctly and on time. Less stress.

W. Bower, Property Maintenance

"I would highly recommend them to anyone.

I was a bit worried to change our accounting company three years ago but at the end it was a very good decision. Always here to help in a timely manner. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Great company to work with.

A. Hiouni, Amynepharma Pharmaceutical Consultants

"Efficient and friendly accounting service."

Demetris Savva of Costantine Savva has provided his Accounting expertise to the Scarsdale Medical Centre for the last 5 years.

We are an NHS GP practice with a number of salaried staff including doctors. Demetris has proved accessible and responsive to our financial queries, assisted in the upgrade of our computerised bookkeeping system and provides us with comprehensive and clear annual accounts as well as budget forecasts.

If you are looking for an efficient and friendly accounting service I strongly recommend Demetris Savva.

Dr P. Kiernan, The Scarsdale Medical Practice